International Affairs and Governance (MIA)

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Invite a Professor to St.Gallen: Prof. Mohamedou as 2020 MIA Guest Professor

MIA students have been invited to nominate scholars for the MIA Guest Professorship. We are looking forward to welcoming Prof. Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou, in Autumn 2020. He is Professor of International History at the Graduate Institute in Geneva and will teach the MIA course “State-Building and War-Making in the Developing World".


Meaningful Human Control of Autonomous Security Systems

New SNF-project led by Prof. Thomas Burri’s starts in May 2020. He implements this project together with experimental philosophers (Markus Christen & Markus Kneer, University of Zurich) and computer scientists (François Fleuret, EPF Lausanne).
The idea of the project is to conduct experiments to find out what it means to control an autonomous security system effectively.